About Psychic Medium & Spiritual Healer Sara

Cincinnati Psychic Medium Readings & Spiritual Healer Sara Gerhardt has spent many years studying vibrational energy, angels, spirit guides, intuitive development, psychic development, chakras and spirituality, as well as energy modalities such as Tuning Forks, Quantum Touch, and EFT.

Sara is a Licensed Spiritual Healer, a SomaEnergetics™ certified master sound therapy teacher, a certified medium and mediumship instructor, a certified Soul Coaching™Oracle Card Reader/Practitioner, a registered Lightarian AngelLink™ and Lightarian Rays™ facilitator and a non-denominational ordained minister at Enchanted Moments in Milford, Ohio.


Sara is available for private readings, parties, healing sessions, weddings, motivational lectures and classes. Regarding her readings Sara says “Psychic energy healing readings, with spirit guides, allow me to gain insight into issues from your past and present which may affect your future. My intuitive psychic readings often promote energy healing which can lead you to your correct life path when you allow blockages to be addressed in a compassionate, caring, and reassuring manner.”

Contact Sara today to receive your private reading or healing or schedule a Group Psychic Medium Reading in the Cincinnati area!