Mediumship Classes



A Comprehensive 13-month Curriculum and Exploration of Mediumship Studies

• Taught by Licensed Spiritual Healers
• Meets 2-3 hours once a month to accommodate busy schedules
• All class materials/binder included

The course covers but is not limited to:
• Psychics, Mediums, Channelers: What’s the difference?
• Meditation: Its importance, how to do it, techniques
• Visualization; Divination Tools; Se’ances
• Journaling; Inspiration; Ego;
• Getting to Know Your Spirit Guides
• Angels: Calling on Them
• Intuition; Developing Your Senses; Affirmations
• The Clairs: Do I have any of these sensory associated powers?
• Symbology; Dreams;
• Evidential Mediumship; Giving Messages
• Various Types of Readings: what they are and how to give them
• Energy Modalities: Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Tuning Forks and more
• Auras; Chakras; Clearing
• Protection; Sensing the Energy Field; Spiritual Healing
• Your Personal Responsibility; Ethics in Mediumship; Legalities

Students are:
• given the opportunity to discover and develp their skills and use those skills for their highest and best use as well as the highest and best use of others
• encouraged to approach this material with a light heart and an open mind and to question as they progress accepting only that with which they resonate and feel comfortable.
• self-motivated, with the desire and maturity to progress in their learning process in order to develop an unbreakable bond with spirit and self
• expedted to pass a written open-book exam and an oral examination which includes giving a reading to instructors

The objective of evaluation, whatever its form, is to engage the student in self-evaluation to serve as a springboard for further learning. Students are encouraged to be motivated and dedicated to learning and seek and welcome information at every opportunity in their progress.

Seeing things through clairvoyance, seeing ghosts and spirits, and energies like auras, is a complex subject. But once you get the basics, all you have to do is to practice, and things will develop on their own. Mediumship Connections is a comprehensive curriculum that will teach you the basics and allow you practice time to enable you to develop your own skills in a non-threatening environment.